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'Avid Reader' was inspired by my Mother, who always seemed to have a book in hand, and our trips to the local library were so special. This is a scent featuring ylang flowers, jasmine and Asian floral notes.


Our literary candles are perfect for any book and candle lover. The candles were inspired by my love of libraries, books and bookstores, and the stories that take us on each adventure. A candle is the perfect thing to snuggle up and get lost into the pages of a book with.


Our hand poured candles have a special soy wax blend and all natural essential oils, which ensures that the scent will last the entire burn. By using soy wax we are giving you a better candle and using a sustainable and renewable resource that is made in the USA. With our custom-sized, lead-free cotton wicks, your candle will burn evenly, allowing for a longer use time and no harsh chemicals or additives.


Our 6oz luxury soy candles are 3" X 3" and have an approximate burn time of 40 hours. Each 6oz candle comes with a black metal lid, which is great to keep dust out when not in use and prolong the scent. 

Avid Reader 6 oz Literary Tin Soy Candle (Qty 2 @ $7.00ea)