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'No matter what anyone tells you, words and ideas can change the world' This is a great quote for a Graduation gift, Birthday or Encouragement. 


Our barware is available with or without a black matte gift box. 

$4.75 wholesale without a box

$6.50 with a Gift Box


Literary themed Glass Tumbler are a great gift for any book lover! Each glass is a heavy weight 11oz Libby Low Ball glass which is made in the USA. 


The text is screen printed onto each glass, so it is permanent (not a decal) and is dishwasher safe. It looks like it it etched glass, but it is actually screen printed!


Each glass is packaged in a black two piece gift box.




11oz volume glass

Dishwasher safe

3.5" H x 3" 

Words and Ideas can Change the World 11 oz Glass Tumbler 4 pack $6.50 ea