"There is no friend as loyal as a book"

-Ernest Hemingway

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New Literary Gifts!

Made in Michigan

Literary and Grammar Stationery & Gifts made in the USA! Our small team of creative and passionate women hand craft and assemble all of our products in our Ann Arbor, Michigan studios!

This is my second purchase from this seller. Both times, we received the products quickly and were MORE than pleased with them! My book-lover daughter was tickled with this boxed gift! Thank you!

             Cindy June 2020


Fly Paper is an amazing shop! I ordered a few separate items and the gift box. The seller kindly placed all the items in the box with filler to make a one of a kind gift set. The Book Lover candle smells so good. It’s a very relaxing, clean scent. I will be ordering again in the future! Thank you so much FlyPaper :)


This is my 3rd and largest order from Fly Paper Products; obviously, I'm a big fan! Why? As always: keen ideas, imaginative design and fast shipping. But also: absolutely 5-star customer service!

       Vintage49 June 2020


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Fly Paper Products is an Ann Arbor, MI based wholesale company producing fun literary and grammar themed stationery & gifts!

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